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Available Monday to Friday from 11:30 until 5:00pm.

Lunch Menu

  • Insalata di pollo e avocado

    • £ 7.30

    Grilled chicken breast and avocado on a mixed leaf salad, rocket and red onions, tossed with olive oil served with dough balls.

  • Insalata di tonno

    • £ 7.25

    Mixed leaf salad, tuna, eggs, anchovies, capers, green beans and new potato, served with dough balls.

  • Ciabatta ai vegetali

    • £ 7.20

    Toasted ciabatta topped with goat cheese and grilled vegetables served with salad and chips.

  • Ciabatta al salmone e uova

    • £ 7.50

    Ciabatta toped with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon served with salad and chips.

  • Bugutte di polpettine

    • £ 7.35

    Meatballs with melted mozzarella and rocket in a baguette served with salad and chips.

  • Baguette di pollo

    • £ 7.25

    Chicken breast, melted mozzarella and sun-dried tomato in baguette served with salad and chips.

  • Baguette di halloumi

    • £ 7.45

    Deep fried halloumi with slices of tomato and rocket in a baguette, served with a salad and chips.

  • Baguette Tricolore

    • £ 7.25

    Baby mozzarella with avocado, sun-dried tomato and pesto in baguette, served with salad and chips.

  • Asparagi con uova

    • £ 7.30

    Sautéed asparagus and egg with shaved parmesan, served with salad and chips.

DISCLAIMER: Please note menu and prices may vary on location. Set menu and Specials only available at our Va Pensiero Radlett branch

ALLERGENS: If you require information regarding the presence of allergens in any of our food and drink, we will be more than happy to provide this information.